TasRes Art and Technology offers unique residential retreats on Tasmania’s beautiful North West coast for artists, writers, journalists, art curators, researchers, digital film makers, photographers, textile artists, dancers and educators who want to improve their digital design skills to promote their own work and learn how to incorporate cutting-edge digital technology into their art.

It’s a perfect opportunity for artists, writers and educators to congregate in a beautiful environment and learn about digital skills and how they can be applied to promote their own artwork or for the creation of innovative technology-driven art installations, eBooks, clothing designs, performance art, photography and movie-making.

TasRes Art and Technology retreats are held in the pristine Tasmanian environment and give participants plenty of time and space to reflect. Residents will be encouraged to engage in trans-disciplinary discussions in the production of their work and will be exposed to Tasmania’s inspirational galleries, delicious food and wine and the spectacular light and colour of the landscape by way of excursions and nature walks.

There will also be a focus on Tasmania’s ecological and conservation issues and international links are being forged with like-minded residencies in other countries.

All residents learn how to promote their work through social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

All participants will enjoy the immense benefits of upskilling, creating and relaxing in a dynamic group environment comprised entirely of fellow artists.

The retreats have two aims: digital and artistic.

A variety of  digital design workshops will be delivered which will give artists the skills and confidence to incorporate cutting-edge digital technology into their art and improve their ability to promote their own work online. Retreat participants may undertake short courses in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and Indesign, all of which are presented by experienced digital media teachers.

The residential nature of the retreats will allow artists and writers to engage in their own art-making in an inspirational and collaborative environment. Additionally, residents will be encouraged to immerse themselves in the unique Tasmanian environment and to investigate issues of conservation and ecology. This is not compulsory but applicants should detail why they wish to be part of a specifically Tasmanian residency.

Although the retreat has a strong art-making focus, it will also incorporate visits to galleries, walks in the Tasmanian wilderness, sailing on the exquisite waterways (in the capable hands of an eco-tourism operator), visits to wineries and the producers of the uniquely flavoured Tasmanian chocolate and cheese.

These artistic residencies may also offer workshops as detailed above.

As part of our holistic approach we ensure participants have time to unwind and relax. This may include gentle yoga and mindfulness meditation sessions.

Contact Sue or Julianne for details.

For further information please refer to our FAQs.



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