How many people at each retreat?
It depends on what retreat you have applied to attend. All Self-Publishing Writers’ Retreats are a maximum of 40 participants.

Our Hawley House digital residency offers 6 to 8 spaces. However, depending on the type of residency the numbers will vary.

What kind of artists would benefit from the retreat?
All kinds! For example:
Writers, textile designers, dancers, photographers, film makers, educators

How long are the residencies?
Residencies may vary:

  • weekend intense digital design courses
  • 5 day workshop residencies
  • 2 to 3 weeks art production and workshop
  • in the future 3 month residencies are planned.

What level of computer literacy will I need?
Participants for digital workshops are expected to have computer literacy skills. These include using keyboard, mouse, saving documents, familiarity using Microsoft Word, sending emails and sorting, storing and retrieving documents.

How would some artists for example a dancer incorporate technology?
A dancer may want to learn Photoshop skills to promote their work, use Indesign to create a brochure, flyer or magazine or use the video editing program Premiere to edit their dance sequences for promotion or educational purposes. All artists can benefit from upskilling  and gain confidence using technology.

What benefits are there to using Facebook, Twitter or other social media?
Social media is the best platform to promote yourself and your work. By utlising various social media outlets you can amplify your online presence and make it easier for people to find you and follow your work.

Can I bring my partner to the residency?
This will depend on availability of spaces. Accommodation at Hawley House will attract an additional nightly expense of $55.00.

What sort of tours are offered?
Tasmania has many National Parks and wilderness walks. Tours will include a trip to Stanley, the Tarkine and local waterways. Longer residences between 10 to 14 days will include tours to Strahan, Cradle Mountain and Corinna.

Where can I buy food?
TasRes digital art residency is in Port Sorrell and close to the shopping centre. A Woolworths is several minutes walk from Hawley House and there are many restaurants and cafes in the area. Hawley House also provides fully catered meals.

The Stanley Writers’ Self-Publishing Retreat has many options to dine out within the township.

Can I make special dietary requests?
This is a mostly self-catering residency. There is also a restaurant at Hawley House that is open for breakfast and dinner.

What other types of residencies do you offer?
We have a variety of residences that include technology programs as well as artists residences where you can develop your practice as an artist without undertaking any technology courses at all. We are particularly interested in helping you explore how to incorporate and be inspired by the beautiful Tasmanian wilderness.

Are the residencies always at Hawley House?
No, we use a variety of locations. Accommodation is dependant on the particular residency offered. Those wanting a more tranquil retreat may enjoy residencies in more remote locations. Those interested in the technology focused residencies will be located closer to city centres to make best use of the NBN.

Do I need a computer?
Most people prefer to use their own laptop. However, if you do not have access to a laptop then TasRes has a limited number that can be booked at no extra charge.

Do I need the software installed?
We use Adobe software and if you do not have access to the programs you can download them from Adobe.com on a 30 day trial. We recommend you download the software shortly before the workshop. If you are unable to do this then we can guide you through the software installation during registration.

Tasres uses Eventbrite as our management platform for events. You can obtain a refund less a $50.00 administration fee if you cancel up to a week before the event. For those cancelling a week or less before the retreat there will be a 50% refund.

Where can I find further information about other TasRes Residencies?
We will release information through Facebook and Twitter as well as the TasRes blog.


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